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Gemma Lynn's Gems is a family owned and operated business ran out of our home in Dayton, Ohio. We are a mother/daughter team who have always loved crystals and geology. After the loss of our husband/father we decided to make crystal collecting our hobby. We searched for anything that called to us, we learned that what we were drawn to was meant to help with grief and negativity. This hobby, turned business, helped us pull ourselves out of the hole we were in. As we began our new normal we added to the family, a rescued cat name Gemma, who loves the boxes the crystals come in more than the mineral itself. Through our minor crystal addiction,  we discovered that most shops have ridiculously high markups. We founded our business in May of 2021, as Covid was in full swing, we realized that many people didn't have the means to buy from these affluent shops. This is where the idea for Gemma Lynn's Gems was born. From two people overcoming their grief, a rescued barn cat and the hope that everyone can find the light at the end of their tunnel no matter how dark it seems.

Our collections are carefully selected. Delivery options and payment methods generous and flexible. Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Gemma Lynn's Gems for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

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